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EZ Test Cocaine & Crack cocaine


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This test reveals, within minutes, whether a pill contains Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, 5-MeO MiPT, MDPV.

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Dealers often cut their merchandize in order to increase their profit margins. You will never know with what kind of substance and how much of it your coke has been cut, by looking at it.

This holds some serious risks for unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects! The idea behind this test is that when a sample contains a high percentage of cocaine, these risks are diminished. This does not mean that using cocaine is without risks. Using cocaine can be risky for your health as well as for your social well-being!

EZ-Tests are quick and simple test kits that can tell you whether a tested psychoactive substance really contains active ingredient, which was sought by a user. It's an effective tool in identifying adulterants and other potentially dangerous substances often found in street drugs.


  • One step (single use) tests
  • Super user friendly
  • Results within seconds
  • Highly reliable and consistent
  • Accurate and sensitive
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No dangerous liquid reagents


1. Open the ampoule with test reagent

2. Insert sample

3. Let ingredient mix

4. Observe colour reaction and discard

An information sheet, color charts and extensive instructions for use are included. Download the user manual in English. 

Only a small piece of your pill or powder is necessary to perform the test.


Available as 1 vial or pack with 10 ampoules for 10 tests. 


The EZ-Test can only give an indication of the substance in a sample. Therefore, a 100% guarantee cannot be given nor assured. If you still have doubts about the ingredients of your pill, have your pill tested by an official agency. No right or claims can be derived from using this EZ-Test.


Always read the instructions, don't use force to open the ampoule.



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EZ Test Cocaine & Crack cocaine

EZ Test Cocaine & Crack cocaine

This test reveals, within minutes, whether a pill contains Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, 5-MeO MiPT, MDPV.